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And then...

Updated: May 17, 2021

I think to myself, the light has gone out. The old constitutional order is dead. They’ve killed it. The establishment on the Right and the Left killed it. And all for power and money. “Men” - drunk, fat, effeminate, stinking, and perverse. Everything spoken from their lips a lie. The rule of law dead the way of all empires that become rich. Oligarchs. Rich politicians on the take. Vast disparities of wealth. Rome in decay. Barbarians at the gates. And the many of the people went along with all of it and all for circuses and bread. Daniel and his vision of the four beasts saw the unfolding panorama of history and spoke it. The crumbling admixture of brass and clay. The old lawyer Cicero told us how it always goes before it falls. Nothing left to fix it if we could. And, all of a sudden, just now, at the window, I hear two mourning doves in a beautiful back and forth...the picture of gentleness and peace. He catches my wildness and reigns it in. And I remember that the order God set in the earth still prevails. And will until time and the cosmos are rolled up like a scroll and pass away.

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